Hinkle fieldhouse

Park Butler

The Butler Parking Services Office strives to meet the parking needs of students, faculty, staff and visitors in supporting the mission of the University. Our office manages the 4,400+ parking spaces available on campus and enforces the Butler parking regulations.

All parking areas on campus are controlled by permit for students, staff and faculty. Visitor parking areas can be found in the Sunset Avenue parking garage, the Hinkle Fieldhouse parking lot or the metered spaces interior to campus.

Motorist Assistance

The Butler University Police Department will assist you in unfortunate events such as:

  • Dead battery
  • Locked keys in car

These services are at no charge to Butler University affiliates (faculty, staff, students, etc.). We will not assist with empty gas tanks or changing flat tires. We can assist you in calling an outside service for assistance. We also will not travel off campus to provide these services. (Adjacent streets to campus are not considered off-campus.) For more information or to request assistance, please contact the University Police Department at 317-940-BUPD (2873).

Parking Permits

All University parking facilities, except metered spaces, are regulated by a permit system. To utilize these parking lots, you must have your vehicle registered with the University Police Department. These lots are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Vehicle Registrations

Butler faculty, staff, and students are required to register any vehicle they intend to park on campus. Vehicle registration can be completed online through my.butler using the “My Info” tab or at the Parking Services Office located at 4702 Sunset Avenue, Suite 500.

Parking Citations

Butler Parking Services staff will issue parking fines for violation of parking regulations. If you want to avoid a parking citation, make sure your vehicle is registered, you park in the correct lot, and your permit is displayed properly on your vehicle.